Kataklysm - Il Diavolo In Me

I'm sick and tired of feeling nostalgic
For things i've done in the past
I want to breath the future without engulfing the past

Behold my resurrection
Behold the rage of aggression
Day after day the anger rises
Beyond comprehension, sanity is dead

Pushed over the edge, feel the pain i bear
Cross thy path if you dare
All you see is this dead stare

Deep down the roots of my persona
I feel the wrath, destiny has brought us
Face to face - at last this is the final stand
Everytime i rise somebody has died
Can't convert this rage inside
I've killed in order to survive
Now i kill, because i'm deprived
I really want to change, i feel shame
But there's something inside driving me insane!

Non posso cambiare - il destino - quanto...
Il diavolo in me!

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