Kelly Clarkson - What’s Up Lonely

Blue, I�m getting kinda close to you
Like a shadow I can�t lose
Hey, you�ve been hangin� with me every day
Now you�re gettin� in my way
I know you understand me
But don�t ya think that maybe it�s time to move on

What�s up lonely
Seems you�re my only
Friend who wants to share my pain
Tell me heartache
What�s it gonna take
For you to leave me alone today
Just when I think that you�re gone
You�re in the mirror lookin� back at me
So what�s up lonely

Sometimes, I wish you weren�t by my side
Can�t you find another shoulder, cause I
I wanna leave this broken heart behind
We been wastin� too much time
Find someone else to rain on
I�m really getting� tired of singin� this sad song


Don�t wanna give you a reason
To hang around anymore
You won�t be hurting my feelings
If you find another broken heart you can lean on

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