Kelly Rowland - Obsession

i wanna be
the everything you need
the every sight you see
the closest thing to epidemic
slightly your disease
a love without a cure
no uncertainties for sure
the closest thing to alcohol
that calls you back for more

your sensual tough
it's all too much
unbearing love
my obsession
i speak your tone
dance to your song
of my confession
of my obsession

it's fearful when i
replay over life
no existing night
feels like this one
i feel your presence
underrates romance
no fear, you're my one, slight obsession

you stand beside
and everything resides
every surrounding fights
to fall into the moment, take their seats into the night
an unexperienced heart
is begging & it starts
to collect all the elements of love
that's sure to draw

have you read the surgeon's general
tells me it's not healthy still i know
maybe i'll be the one to teach a lesson baby
but the first step is to admit my obsession baby

have you seen the way i look at you
my eyes glare along with fireflies in the night
your response is only a test and
obviously i failed
cause you're my obsession

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