Lee Ryan - Jump

There is no reason to be far apart
We should be two sides of one beating heart,
So dont be scared to let me love you,
We're standing on the edge of something else
Just count to ten and let go of yourself,
Somehow we'll get by, were sky high,
So baby wont you...

Take that leap of faith,
Take that leap with me,
We can make it if you just believe ,
Girl you'll never feel more alive than,
When you and i are skydiving,
Even if we fall, even if we break,
Tell me its not worth the chance you take,
To know that for a while we were flying,
You and i skydiving
ohhh wooo ohhh woo

We know that life was never meant to last,
So who cares if were going way too fast
Lets make the best of what life brings us,
Theres no such thing as reaching up too high,
why cant we build our castles in the sky,
Run from the rooftops, we wont stop,
Baby come on...

Its a cold world, full of cold places,
Full of people, wearing two faces,
You're a sure sign, of what could be,
I can go anywhere if your with me

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