L.L. Cool J - Favorite Flavor

feat. Mary J. Blige)

You only a customer
when ur walking in the presence of hustlers
Im laid back in the cinemon range
two decades and aint a dam thing changed
Kep ma girl
the straw-berrys swirl
you can taste it
ma instincts basic
lord, have mercy
sweet like hurshey
diamonds for the missus
ices on the wristes
all of the 3 colours of the spectrum
the small is flaw
and i reject em
believe me im a conosour when i inspect em

they call me big LLy walker from compton
new yorkers, sha town steppers and them A town stompers
These young rookys they dont under stand
every summer i return like the ice cream man
drop what ur doin, get it get while you can
by the eigth by the ounce
when its gone im gonna bounce
its the f-l-av
no ifs or mabe
you know what i do
drive your tast buds crazy

mary J. blige chorus (LL Cool J)

like lemon drops with chocolate kisses
every bite is more delicious
my favourite flavour (mix me and you and you cant go wrong)
Like caramel on vanilla sunday
ill have to scoop you up some day ( come on baby baby come on)

uh My flavours unreal
smooth but hard like wood grain on the wheel
recline ur seet baby enjoy how it feel
while u crossin the legs them high heels made a deal
kick of ur shoe run ur toes on the dash
now peel of ur stocking
come on lets get it poppin'
im in the mood for cuttin
candy and im plottin
see you or somethin soon the seat move
me 2 man u know how we do it
camcorder man feture that on preview
i love how the bottom on ur bodys EQ
love it thick though
like the bass in a six - faw
so here we go
we're bunny hoppin
i hit the switches
baby you keep it droppin
it feels marvalous
you in charge of this
i hope you aint heartless
but ma cars now regardless


(Mary J. blige)
(all i wanna do is eat you up coz u look soo goood) think i look ight huh
i look betta on you what u reli wanna do
(all i wanna do is show you boy that i taste good too) i know you take gud uhwhat you sayin wanna sprinkle out hun huh?

we hit it out
i tell you girls the truth when they ask what im about
cookies and the cream, and the peaches and the prailines
butter pecan things
in ur day dreams
all real sugar
no sack-er-rain
low calorie
need no cavities
garanteed no place you'd rather be
thanx here with me
mixin chocolate in the factory


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