Orange Blue - The Smile

Orange Blue - The Smile

Albüm Adı : Songs Of Liberty

I haven't got a doubt this time
I just want you to be mine
every day is friday
since the day that you crossed my way
and a part of you is always
in that smile that's in my face
Kathrin you fill my days

no one can imagine
how long a day can be
without the one who gives me reason
to keep myself busy
even though I know
that it won't make the time go fast
to see your face at last

it sometimes won't be easy
and maybe you'll be freezing
when I am not around to keep you warm
but the distance to my body
is not the distance to my heart
that's why we aren't really far apart

you should not think there's something wrong
if I told you I'm in love
it's not that complicated
I have got no other faces
what I said is what I need is I love you
I guess I'm just in love with you

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