Orange Blue - You Took Me There

Written by Vince Bahrdt
Produced by Oliver Fahrenheit & Ch. Kelvin & nautilus music
guitars: Mikel Moon, drums: Bertram Engel
I could not see what it meant to me
Treated so bad
Couldn't believe what I began to see
Wouldn't live so sad

But I missed to see it was snowing
With my opened eyes
Didn't know where we were going
But now I know

You took me there
You left me there
You're supposed to do
What grows in you

I've heard you say
You've built your way
So your life will rise
With your Christmas Eyes

I remember ways we discovered foreign worlds
Without any fear
I remember days we climbed the highest walls

Still I miss to see it's snowing
In your opened eyes
I don't know where we are going
But I feel

You took me there ...

First time that keen presence in your eyes
Let my thoughts tumble down
I smelled the air was filled with care

You took me there ...

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