Kataklysm - What We Endure

A decade in the making
10 years born through anger
From fantasy to reality and into the mind
Prospered and fallen
We've open doors that seem forever closed
Northern hyperblast legions worldwide
Loyal to the sounds of devastation
We've walked through the mystical gate...
Into the magic of sorcery
We've entered the temple of knowledge
Just to fall victim of this fallen world
Reborn through the prophecy
Prepare for this epic stand!

The fire burns in our heart
There's no fear for the originators
Of the light speed blast - underground bound!

What we've endured...the ups, the downs
What we've endured...and all the shit that's in between
What we endured...the criticism*
What we've endured...and no recognition
What we endured...for being extreme*

Do you understand...do you?..
Do you understand who we are?

What we endured
...the ups, the down
...and all the shit that's in between
...the criticism*
...and no recognition
...for being extreme*

But we would do it all over again
Because you're the reason we exist!

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