Lady Sovereign - Random

[Verse 1]

Everybody in the club getting' tipsy,
Oh fuck dat, just whine like a gypsy,
Can't see straight, like I got one eye (pop),
Your bottle opener or mine,
Let's... get started,
Move ya arms round like fucked up karate,
Ooh shit... my word plays nasty,
Ooh shit... don't put it past me,
Move titch get out da... way,
Ah, nuff of dat I'm here to stayyyy...,
Flow lazy.. pick da pace up when I flow less hazy,
J-Lo's got a batty,
Well you can't see mine cus I wear my trousers baggy,
Anyways.. yeah, lets... commence....


Everybody get random
All gyal dem, all man dem
Everybody get random
Jus' do sumfin random
Everybody get random
All gyal dem all man dem
Everybody get random
Jus' do sumfin random

[Verse 2]

Smokin' kills and so do my lyrics,
If you're poppin' pills then trust ur not wiv it,
Cus I got da skills,
And I'm over da limit,
Dishin' lyrics like meals every second every minute,
Ding! Dong! Special Delivery (hello),
Biggest midget in the game, cant get rid of me,
Give me just a minute and I'll be your vicinity,
My words hurt you jus' like loosin' ya virginity (owww),
Well, I'm right thur,
Na' tell a lie cus I'm Right there,
Right hurr Na' right here,
Now get off your churr, I mean Chair,
Some English MC's get it twisted,
Start sayin' cookies, instead of biscuits!

Anyways.. yeah, lets... commence...

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]

Yo get up and do summit random, yo watch it now,

1...2 S.O.V is comin' for u
3...4 better lock your door
5...6 well I'm full of tricks...
So everybody come and vibe wiv da lickle titch
Swiiiiiitch.... hush

[Chorus x2]

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