Lady Sovereign - Tango


Bring out the bucket, bring out the cloth,
Bring out the liquid, bring out the lot,
If not, let's roll her to a car wash,
Now washing you will be like washing a goth,
All that black lipstick around their gobs,
How the fuck do we get it off,
I think this will be a very hard job,
How did you get a tan like that in winter?
You ran off the boots and got a box of tinter,
Didn't ya?? See you still got orange fingers!

What network are you on, ORANGE,
Colour of your bathwater, ORANGE,
Your favourite fruit must be an ORANGE,
Bitch, did you know your ORANGE, [x2]
Slap bang goes on your fake tan,
Bitch you look like the tango man
Woodeeyy wooo, do the tango,
Wooodeeyy wooo, do the tango [x2]

Its the gone wrong salon

Your clothes keep ripping like you're the female incredible hulk,
You got a broken bra, a broken top, a broken thong and a broken coat,
You been wearing the same jacket since you were in year 8,
And it smells like you urinate on it bitch,
That ain't great,
You tried to be Christina, so you dyed your hair black,
But really you look like the Vicar of Dibley, what, on crack,
Now just step back and face the facts,
You don't like the fact I get feisty on wax,
Anyways talking about wax, look at your face, girl relax,


Why not fling her on the window sill as a pumpkin,
When it's approaching Halloween,
Or on your English breakfast, place her next to the bacon,
She could be the beans,
And you always know wheres she's been,
And you always know when she's had a pee,
Cause the toilet seat ain't clean
Cause the toilet seat has an orange sheen,
Ching, bring out the detergent,
Scrub that umpa lumpa it's urgent,
Have you seen her face it's disturbing,
How much fake tan are you squirting,
Err it's hurting my eyes, and your starting to look like the sunrise,
And your fake tan's so ming, you're attracting flies!


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